Build Your Support Circle

What is a Small Group?

Feeling like you need to talk with peers? Need encouragement? Want to learn from the experiences of other campus ministers and build a support circle?

We see you and understand the challenges of ministry work. That’s why we created this platform — a virtual small group of campus ministers that meets to share, listen, and learn from each other.

During our meetings, we spend most of our time giving personal updates about our joys, challenges, relationships, etc. We also cover topics you select that are relevant and important to campus ministers nationwide.

“It has been a wellspring of wisdom and newness for me.”

Michael S.

Dan T.

Carroll College

“This group allows us to share our experiences in a safe environment, learn from others, and network with professionals.”

Kathy K.

Marilu D.

Boston College

“This experience allowed me to be heard and sympathized with for the first time.”

Gentry H.

Deven M.

Sacred Heart

How It Works


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We’ll meet virtually with 6-8 group members every other week for 8 sessions.

We Belong to Each Other

Let’s help each other feel heard, stay inspired, and lean into the Lord.

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