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The challenges of campus ministry are never-ending.

We see your to-do lists. We know the feeling.

At Newman Grow, we offer services that inspire confident leadership
to empower lifelong discipleship.

Small Group

Join a virtual group of campus ministers to share, listen, and learn from each other.
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Newman Coaching

Virtual sessions with tailored services to equip you for your purpose.
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Newman Connect App

Meet students where they're at and run ministry groups from your phone.
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Find purpose in your ministry.

Here's what campus ministers are saying about the Newman Grow programs:

"Gathering with my group provided a supportive space to speak freely about the ups and downs of ministry life. I am grateful to have met these ministers who celebrate and pray with me through my ministry. I feel like I have gained additional teammates and I am forever grateful for what they have added to my life."

"I feel as if I received both a gift of the heart and of the head. In regards to the former, I enjoyed meeting the people and hearing their stories of work and life. For the latter, I gained insight and skills for hosting online support groups and plan to put them into practice immediately."

"These meetings were fruitful and refreshing to build community among those who serve others!"

"Patti was awesome! She is a very nurturing facilitator who brings a good perspective and helpful and insightful observations to our group. I would 100% recommend others to take advantage of this support. It has been so helpful for me especially through this strange time of online ministry."

"This group was so helpful to me. I enjoyed the professional support and opportunity to brainstorm with colleagues. I found this group a great sounding board outside of my normal channels."

"What did you find valuable? Having a place where I can speak to others who understand the particular demands of college campus ministry. But more importantly, in a space where we can be 100% honest about where we are."

"I just wanted to say thank you so much, once again, for getting me in touch with Raul! He's been a huge help in preparing for the year from a logistics perspective that I've never had before. He also passed along some really interesting videos about teaching in secular environments as Catholic teachers. All in all, I just wanted to say I'm very grateful for his work!"

"Patti was awesome. So glad to have met her (at least digitally) and the timing of it all has me thanking God. I could not have guessed when we began that I would be spending my summer facilitating something similar with college students in order to help them grow in this time of crisis and separation. I am glad to have had the chance to learn from her!"

"Take a chance and check it out. Engaging with others in similar circumstances in a safe and meaningful forum is encouraging and worth the time investment."

Let's do this!

Break through the noise with Newman Coaching.

Lead your ministry with confidence and a clear direction with Newman Grow. Feeling pulled in every direction? Not sure where to put your focus or how to get it all done? No matter what you are facing, cultivate your calling with the support of caring, experienced professionals.

We know budgets in campus ministry are tight. Our services and tools are free to campus ministers and student leaders. We’re here to support you in leading your ministry with purpose.

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